Health and Safety Officier

Chiuso: 09 Jul 2019 (Aperto: 10 May 2019)

Sede di lavoro:  Corea del Sud / India / Indonesia

Funzione: Sicurezza & Ambiente

PROGECO ENGINEERING SERVICE Srl (P.E.S.) is an Italian company that provides services for: multidisciplinary engineering, maintenance and installation of industrial plants, Service Management and Technical Specialist Recruitment as authorized Employment Agency by the Ministry of Labour and Social Policy. The company has principal offices in Solvay (LI), Florence, Vibo Marina (VV), Pomarance and Bari; The company has subsidiaries in Mexico, South Africa, USA, Brazil, Chile, Bulgaria and Romania. PES up to date has over 200 employees, operating in Oil & Gas, Petrochemical and Renewable Energy (Wind and Geothermal) fields for major national and international clients.


n.5 Health and Safety Officier - Locations: India, Indonesia, South Corea, South-East Asia

Essential functions/duties:

  • Ensure that activities on site comply with all relevant safety legislation, and that the principal contractor and the contractors have met their obligations against the requirements and documentations
  • Ensure that the Site Manager and all the Contractors are fully aware of the safety requirements, of the Health and Safety Plan their obligations, with a relevant Safety Awareness Training Course (a record of the attendance of this training be maintained on site)
  • Ensure that the contents of the Health and Safety Plan are communicated to the Contractor site staff before the commencement of site establishment and construction on site
  • Ensure that the compliance with the requirements of the Health and Safety Plan is monitored through regular and comprehensive inspection of the site and surrounding areas, and that any non-compliance or remedial measures that need to be applied are reported
  • Ensure the management and the application of the HSE Management System
  • Verify the baseline risk assessment to ensure that the control measures are appropriate, and the Collective
  • Protective Equipments and PPEs are suitable, used and available
  • According to the applicable requirements, check and authorize the access of personnel and equipment to the site
  • Identify the activities and the periodicity, according to the type of the worksite and the on-going activities, about the “Pre-job check” and “Post-job review” meetings
  • Following the consultation with relevant COS supervisor, stop, in case serious and imminent danger, any contractor from executing construction work, which is not in accordance with the Health and Safety Plan or which poses a threat to the health and safety of workers
  • Based on the client requests fulfil the processes that will be put in place at initial stage of the construction or during it including “Alert report”, which with all the deviations found on site according the EGP procedures, assessing with the Site Manager / Project Manager the suitability and feasibility of resolution proposals and ensuring their implementation
  • Attend the operational weekly review meeting of the HSE Responsible and Site Manager / Project Manager, and the monthly meeting with the representative of the Contractors, drawing up a Report within 48 hours
  • Report all the safety accidents, incidents and/or damages and near misses of the site within 48 hours and following all EGP procedures, keeping an incident register detailing all activities on site, problems identified, transgressions noted and a task schedule of tasks undertaken by the Safety Officer
  • Promote the incident analysis with the main contractors defining the root cause and relevant mitigation measure to follow up
  • Monitor all the obligations in charge of the Owner against the safety and labour authorities, providing to the Owner a time schedule showing the activities and the related deadlines
  • Prepare and / or support the Site Manager to prepare on time all the notifications to be sent to the third parts (Authorities, principal contractor, contractors, etc..) prior the commencement of the construction, during the construction and after the completion of the construction
  • Support the Owner (or the Site Manager / Project Manager appointed by the Owner) during any meeting and inspections performed by the competent Authorities, attending during these meetings and inspections on site


Tools in charge to the Site Health and Safety Officer:

  • Daily Inspection Report
  • Health and Safety legislation of reference
  • IFC Drawings, Design TSs, Quality Control Procedures


Main Accountability:

  • Understanding local country legal and other requirements related to health and safety Deep safety standards knowledge at construction site of the Country;
  • Deep safety standards knowledge at construction site
  • Hazard identification
  • Evaluation of health and human factors, method for exposure monitoring and assessment of occupational health and safety risks, human behaviour, person-to-person and person-to-machine interactions
  • Techniques for risk assessment (including determining controls based on “hierarchy of controls”, and risk communication)
  • Processes and working practices, equipments and maintenance, raw materials, hazardous substances, work flow organization, shift-scheduling, culture and behaviour of the construction sector
  • System of “occupational exposure limit” values
  • Methods for incident (including accident and work-related illnesses) investigation and evaluation (i.e. root cause analysis), and methods for monitoring and reporting health and safety performance;
  • Safety design
  • Auditing techniques



  • Mandatory experience in India, Indonesia, South Corea, South-East Asia
  • It is required of at least 7/3 years (Senior/Junior) of experience in a Project country as safety specialist or similar role in Engineering or Construction Companies;
  • Safety Certification according to the local Country Safety law or 5/2 (Senior/Junior) years of experience as Safety Specialist in the specific Country;
  • Experience in the construction of power plants, HV substations and HV T-lines;
  • BS Degree Engineering or equivalent technical diploma:
  • Proficiency in Microsoft Office (Outlook, Excel, Word, MS Project);
  • Extensive travel with temporary relocation to construction sites both domestic and international for 6–12 month durations
  • Ability to work in both indoor and outdoor environments in adverse and extreme weather conditions
  • Possibility to work during different shift (including weekend)
  • Experience within international company/international project will be prefer
  • Experience in Thermal/Gas/Oil and Gas company will be prefer



Skills and Abilities:

  • Teamwork
  • Organization and planning
  • Results orientation
  • Communication skills at different organizational level
  • Problem solving
  • Able to create consensus among the site team
  • Comfortable to work in matrix organization reporting and multiple reporting
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