PSD (Pressure Safety Devices) specialist - O&G plant

Chiuso: 31 Oct 2017 (Aperto: 13 Sep 2017)

Sede di lavoro: Basilicata

Funzione: Fabbricazione e Manutenzione, Controllo qualità, Gestione qualità, Gestione progetto, Construction & Site Management

PROGECO ENGINEERING SERVICE Srl (P.E.S.) is an Italian company that provides services for: multidisciplinary engineering, maintenance and installation of industriaI plants, Service Management and Technical Specialist Recruitment as authorized Employment Agency by the Ministry of Labour and Social Policy.  The company has principal offices in Solvay (Li), Florence, Vibo Marina (VV), Pomarance and Bari;
The company has subsidiaries in Mexico, South Africa, USA, Brazil, Chile, Bulgaria and Romania.
For an O&G plant site in Basilicata (Italy) PES Srl is searching for :

PSD (Pressure Safety Devices) specialist

  • Attend the different calibration stages (for the PSV, pilot valves, relief valves an son on) and to visually inspect the Bursting discs when requested
  • Inspect pressure vessel equipment for conformance with safety laws and standards regulating their design, fabrication, installation, repair, and operation.
  • Inspects drawings, designs, and specifications for piping, boilers and other vessels.
  •  Performs standard tests to verify condition of equipment and calibration of meters and gauges, using test equipment and hand tools.
  •  Inspects gas mains to determine that rate of flow, pressure, location, construction, or installation conform to standards.
  •  Evaluates factors, such as materials used, safety devices, regulators, construction quality, riveting, welding, pitting, corrosion, cracking, and safety valve operation.
  • Calculates allowable limits of pressure, strength, and stresses.
  • Validate the inspection and calibration reports provided by the CLIENT under a COMPANY approved format. These reports will be reviewed by the Inspection Method Engineer and the associated measuring points will be downloaded in SAP to ensure the PSD follow-up (traceability and historic). A dedicated procedure will be provided by COMPANY for this purpose.



A minimum of 5 years’ experience on the main role
Fluent English
Basic French

Contract duration: temporary

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