Chiuso: 09 Feb 2019

Sede di lavoro:  Canada / Stati Uniti

Funzione: Gestione qualità

PROGECO ENGINEERING SERVICE Srl (P.E.S.) is an Italian company that provides services for: multidisciplinary engineering, maintenance and installation of industrial plants, Service Management and Technical Specialist Recruitment as authorized Employment Agency by the Ministry of Labour and Social Policy.  The company has principal offices in Solvay (Li), Florence, Vibo Marina (VV), Pomarance and Bari; the company has subsidiaries in Mexico, South Africa, USA, Brazil, Chile, Bulgaria and Romania. PES to date has over 200 employees, operating on Oil & Gas, Petrochemical and Renewable Energy (Wind and Geothermal) fields for major national and international clients.

For a Client operating on Renewable field PES Srl is looking for a QUALITY, SAFETY ENVIROMENTAL PROFESSIONAL.


• Bachelor’s degree or Advanced Technical degree in Health, Safety or Quality engineering related field or Certificate in relevant field (Example: Certified Construction Health and Safety Technician; General Safety Practitioner, etc.) or,

• Minimum of 3 years’ experience in wind, energy, industrial or civil construction or manufacturing.

• Native of the country of contracted work preferred.

• Fluent in the native language as well as English (primary or secondary language).

• In-depth knowledge of Quality, Safety and Health standards and regulations for the identified country / region.

• Proficiency in contractor / subcontractor QSE management, including mobilization / demobilization, pre-qualification requirements, pre-work evaluations, contractor/subcontractor evaluations and post-work assessment.

• Proven expertise in jobsite hazard assessment / analysis / solution, risk assessments, incident investigation and root cause analysis using the ‘5 Why’ and TapRoot ® methodologies

• Development/implementation of processes and procedures, including comprehensive Quality, Safety, and Environmental plans.

• Experience in conducting inspections and audits.

• Must have a valid driver’s license

• Must adhere to Vestas Business Partner Code of Conduct

• Physically capable to climb WTGs

• Must complete Vestas E-Learning courses for:

- 5 Why’s

- Incident Management Process

- Safety Walks Even Better

- Managing Human Error

- Global Wind Organization training package (work at heights, firefighting, first aid and ergonomics) and SIT (safety introduction for technicians) trained.


Safety Requirement for Climbing

• Vendor will provide Personal Fall Arrest Systems (PFAS) that ensures the safety of all VAPs when climbing and working in turbines.

• PFAS, combined with fall arrest systems installed within the towers, have an upper weight limit of 300 lbs/136 kgs.  (The 300 lbs weight limit is set by the system manufacturer and designed around the acceptable arresting force a user would be subjected to should a fall occur.)

• VAPs who weigh, together with their climbing harness and gear, more than 300 lbs/136 kgs, exceed the upper weigh limit of the fall arrest system, and cannot safely climb or work in the turbines.

• Scales will be provided on Vestas sites to allow VAPs to privately weigh in each day prior to climbing.

• Each day prior to climbing, VAP will certify in writing that they are under the 300 lbs/136kgs weight limit will all of their gear.  This will be included in the JSA/JHA.

• A manager may request at any time that a VAP weigh in. The manager can request to witness the weigh in.

• Any VAP will be required to leave the site if they are over the upper weight limit of the fall arrest system.

General areas of responsibility

• Possess an understanding and knowledge of Vestas QSE manual including, but not limited to, site safety rules, code of safe practices, Vestas Life Saving Rules, emergency response plans, environmental policies, and Quality procedures.

• Assist project management in specific procedural documentation to be provided to technicians for use in their daily job requirements.

• Initiate all HSE alerts and drive incident investigation to closure through identification of root cause(s) and contributing factor(s) as well as assist in making amendments to work instructions in order to prevent future incidents from occurring.

• Ensure Vestas Contractor Health and Safety Management process (SUS-SAF-CON) is followed – this includes enforcing the requirements prescribed in the process and instructions associated to the process

• Develop and communicate site induction program.

• Provide a proactive approach to identifying potential safety risks and assist in development of strategies for resolution.

• Possess an understanding and knowledge of applicable federal, state and local regulations, region specific HSE manual including, but not limited to, site safety rules, code of safe practices, emergency response plans and environmental policies.

• Reporting of incidents and pertinent information to regional QSE.

• Ownership for and functionality of site Emergency Response Plan.

• Strive towards spending 60% time in field, 40% time in office supporting incident/case management activities, participating in QSE department meetings, planning for upcoming risks, and collaborating with site safety committees

• Assist Site manager in coaching contractors and subcontractors every day by doing site walks. Ensure to focus on work going on inside the turbine as well as in other locations.

• Participate in “joint Safety Walk” conducted by the Site Manager, Contractor’s team lead and the Site HSE Professional. Joint Safety Walks are to galvanize Vestas Safety First priority and to actively collaborate with our site contractor partners reinforcing the joint responsibility that everyone is responsible for safety. The “joint safety walks” are to be carried out twice per week during installation.

• Climb turbine at least once weekly (minimum) to perform observations

• Ensure Site manager is briefed about observations (highlights and what needs to be improved) prior to morning meetings / toolbox talks.

• Collaborate with remote project sites (such as railhead or port) where employees or suppliers may be working or coming onto the project location. Support project team through site set-up, installation, pre-commissioning, commissioning and any service and/or repair of the turbines.

• Support Site Manager in the completion of Supplier Quality Assurance Tasks such as on-site evaluations, performance audits, or post service evaluations through Vestas PRC-PUR-SQS Supplier Qualification and Selection Processes.  Act as the voice of the customer and be a quality ambassador.

• Demonstrate a structured approach to solving problems and ensure NCRs (Non-Conformity Reports) or CIRs (Component Inspection Reports) are filled out for quality issues found.

• Assist with any other procedures in efforts to maintain a safe work environment at all times.


Location: Canada/USA


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