Welding Foreman (Offshore)

Chiuso: 31 Jul 2017

Sede di lavoro:  Angola

Funzione: Fabbricazione e Manutenzione, Saldatura e CND, Commissioning & Start-up, Construction & Site Management, Fabrication

PROGECO ENGINEERING SERVICE Srl (P.E.S.) is an Italian company that provides services for: multidisciplinary engineering, maintenance and installation of industriaI plants, Service Management and Technical Specialist Recruitment as authorized Employment Agency by the Ministry of Labour and Social Policy.  The company has principal offices in Solvay (Li), Florence, Vibo Marina (VV), Pomarance and Bari;The company has subsidiaries in Mexico, South Africa, USA, Brazil, Chile, Bulgaria and Romania. PES to date has over 200 employees, operating on Oil & Gas, Petrochemical and Renewable Energy (Wind and Geothermal) fields for major national and international clients.

For a Client operating on Oil and Gas field for an Offshore plant on-board PES Srl is looking for:

Welding Foreman (Expertise/Senior level)

Main Tasks:


  • Ensure total understanding of his team and implement of all major contract requirements and project specification with the cooperation from the welding supervisor when assigned
  • Organize on site the technical training and qualification of all relevant welding team
  • Manage the synergies of the team members and equipments used in order to optimize the human and technical resources
  • During pipeline repair operation, the welder foreman is the responsible person to coordinate the repair operation with the repair welder, NDE and QC team
  • Organize, manage and coordinate the work of welding assistance team (beveling operators, welding equipment fitter, line up operator, spacer)
  • Organize the basic welding equipments maintenance and decide of the firing line re-organization in case of equipment breakdown
  • Support the welding inspectors, the QC Supervisors and NDE team in controlling and maintaining quality standard
  • Provide production improvement solution, report any eventual problems to the Superintendant or first assistant in the view to reach the safety, quality and productivity targets
  • Monitor Welding consumables with the cooperation from the welding supervisor and the equipment spare parts with the cooperation from the welding equipment fitter

Technical skills required:

  • Mandatory: English fluent
  • Experience of 2/3 years on Offshore power generation, power automation
  • Knowledge of pipeline prefab and/or main line welding production activities.
  • Knowledge of  vessel structural fabrication.
  • Concentrated Works on Carbon steel in SMAW Fillet and 6G and Carbon steel or stainless steel
  • Pipeline welding AGMAW operator in 5G (possibly in 2G/6G) or 1G with SAW internal or external using Saipem SAW or AGMAW welding equipments (Passo and SWS or presto)
  • Coordinate and optimize the Structural fabrication welding production activities; concentrated Works on Carbon steel in fillets welders and 2G / 5G / 6G positions with the following welding process:
    SMAW or GTAW or FCAW ( GS o SS) or GMAW
  • Opito and medical certifications are mandatory required

Soft skills required:

  • Problem solving
  • Leadership
  • Flexibility
  • Stress management

Job location: Offshore (on board)
Starting period: September 2017

The economical offer will be defined upon candidates work experience

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